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The English Corner

The new clinic of the French Riviera

Sometimes, it's difficult to find someone who speaks your language when you are travelling or living abroad.

When it comes to medical appointements, it's even more important to ensure the best and safest care.

Come visit us !

The clinic welcomes English speaking patients all year long!

We are perfectly located on the French Riviera, in the city of Toulon (Var).

Toulon is one major cities of the French Riviera. 

It' a 50 minutes drive from Saint Tropez

It's a 40 minutes drive to Marseille

It has the International airport of Toulon-Hyères

Where are we ?

The Clinic is located near Toulon's commercial harbour, close to the famous Mayol rugby stadium.


We are walking distance from the old city center and the Mourillon beach.

The English Osteopath

Mr Raphael Avanozian is a Sports Osteopath who graduated from the famous British School of Osteopathy (now University College of Osteopathy).

He holds a Master in Osteopathic Medecine.

He is certified practionner in Dry Needling (Accuponcture) and Kinesio-Taping.

He is a fully French and U-K registred and insured Osteopath.

Raphael regularly takes further courses to keep his knowledge up to date.


He is currently involved in the sports field by treating elite rugby athletes and professional ballet dancers.

Raphael has always been keen on sports. He practiced high level rugby at university. And now enjoys amateur basketball with friends.

Good runner, he participates every year in a Half marathon (Personal best: 1:36).

Alongside his passion in medicine and anatomy, Raphael is a keen photographer.

He is sociable, likes to chat with patients and always explains to his best knowledge the purpose of treatment.

Raphael speaks fluent English, French and conversational Spanish and Italian.

Feel free to chat with him !

What is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a manual therapy which aims at restoring mobility in the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, muscles, ligaments).

We use a variety of techniques and some of them target the nervous system, they are called manipulations. Most of the time they are quick and you may hear a cavitation in the joint, but no pain !

Your Osteopath always uses the safest and most appropriate technique to suit to your problem. Feel free to ask him any questions during the session.

Treatment Price


The session includes a case history of your present and past medical conditions, and observation of your gait and posture, test and treatment techniques. You may have some homework exercises to perform regularly to keep the efficiency of the session. (1 hour duration)

Free Online Booking

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